Ice It! Questions

Can I use my Ice It!® Pack as a microwave hot pack?

The Battle Creek® Ice It!® pack is designed for either cold  or hot therapy treatments.  The “cold packs” have heating instructions printed right on them to make use as a hot therapy product as simple as possible.  Any enclosed gel-pack that is heated in the microwave should be treated with caution to avoid injury. Excessive […]

My Ice It!® pack has begun to leak. Will the filling hurt me or stain my clothes? Can it be fixed?

The filling inside your Ice It!® pack is completely non-toxic and primarily made up of salt water. We certainly don’t suggest that you put it in your mouth or eyes, but it won’t harm you if there’s some accidental contact. It should clean right off your clothing, carpet, bedding or furniture. Unfortunately, we are not […]

What is the filling material made from in Ice It!® cold packs?

The patented, non-toxic gel is comprised of a mixture of recycled plant cellulose and salt water. It freezes quickly but remains pliable, and retains its low temperature longer than typical cold packs because of the salt content.

What types of problems respond well to cold therapy?

Cold therapy has long been the preferred treatment for emergencies like insect bites or bee stings, household burns, bruises, cuts or scrapes. Toothache or pain and swelling from dental treatments or surgery are often treated with cold therapy. Headache, including sinus pain or migraine can be relieved or minimized with the application of cold to […]

When should I use cold therapy?

Always follow the recommendation of your personal physician, but generally doctors recommend the RICE protocol (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) during the first 24-48 hours after minor injuries or medical procedures. Ice It!® provides the perfect solution to cold therapy with gentle compression, making it easier for you to just find a comfortable position to elevate […]

Who needs to have an Ice It!® pack in their freezer?

Often, a quick trip to the Emergency Room means coming home with one of those disposable ice bags. They work to get you home in the car, but aren’t good for more than an hour or so. These days, all but the most extensive surgeries and broken bones are treated as outpatient or short-stay procedures. […]

Why is cold therapy effective?

Cold therapy penetrates into tissues to slow circulation, decrease pain and relax muscle spasms. Athletes have long known the benefits of cold therapy, and even “week-end warriors” will find Ice It!® beneficial in preventing or reducing swelling after exercise. In addition, using cold to slow circulation is helpful in reducing inflammation, swelling and/or bruising after […]

Why is Ice It!® better than using a bag of frozen peas?

Frozen peas make a good ice pack in an emergency, but for longer-term use, an Ice It!® Delivers a more even, longer-lasting, consistent, and safe solution. Ice it!® remains flexible, even after freezing, and therefore can be stored in the freezer to be ready at a moment’s notice. In addition, Ice It!® MaxCOMFORT™ Wraps conveniently […]

Why may my doctor or physical therapist tell me to use both hot and cold therapy for pain?

Medical professionals have learned that many problems can respond well to either hot or cold therapy, and their experience has been that one or the other may work better under certain conditions. Often, it is most effective to alternate hot and cold therapy to stimulate circulation, relieve pain and relax muscle spasm. Your doctor or […]

Pedlar Questions (discontinued product)

Can I really improve my health by using a Pedlar®?

A “start low and go slow” approach is a good way to begin a personal exercise plan, experts say. “From the 1970s up to the 1990s, ‘exercise’ was geared to improving fitness and was based on the model of an athletic male college student,” says Harvard’s I-Min Lee, M.D. “Today, the new model is health, […]

Can I use a Pedlar® after hip/knee/shoulder surgery?

As always, we would advise you to check with your physician or physical therapist before beginning any type of new physical activity – especially if you have recently undergone corrective surgery. We know, however, that our Pedlar® is often recommended by medical professionals as part of the rehabilitation process. The low-impact, adjustable resistance exercise provides […]

How can a Pedlar® help improve my quality of life?

A critical factor in an older person’s ability to function independently is mobility, or the ability to move without assistance. Older people who lose mobility are less likely to remain in their homes, have higher rates of hospitalization and death, and have a poorer quality of life. Physical inactivity is one of the strongest predictors […]

How do you adjust the resistance on the Pedlar®?

The tension knob at the top of the Pedlar® lets you increase or decrease the amount of effort needed to rotate the pedals. You can begin at your own level and increase the difficulty as you build strength and endurance in your arms or legs.

I am overweight and have a family history of diabetes. Why is using something like the Pedlar® to exercise important to me?

Following an appropriate exercise program and doing it safely can be key to preventing type 2 diabetes for the 10 million Americans at high risk for the disease, says the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). A landmark study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that those at risk for type 2 diabetes […]

I have arthritis. Can I use the Pedlar®?

The low-impact, adjustable resistance exercise of the Pedlar® Light Workout Exerciser provides a way to obtain exercise, without jarring painful joints – even if it’s uncomfortable for you to stand. You can use the Pedlar® sitting in your favorite chair to gradually strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and range of motion, without the need to actually […]

I have trouble keeping my feet on the pedals of an exercise bike. Can I use the Pedlar®?

The Original Pedlar® and Pedlar Pro™ both have special Fits-Right™ pedals, with wide, adjustable Velcro straps to make it easier for you to keep your feet on the pedals. The exclusive Fits-Right™ pedal fits snugly over feet or regular shoes, but can be enlarged to accomdate wider shoes, even those with custom orthotic supports. When […]

I’ve used my Pedlar® a while, and it began to squeak. Should I oil it?

Occasionally, especially after heavy use or when the resistance is very tight, the hub will produce a squeak/squeal. This is easy to remedy with a quick squirt of any good silicone lubricant (like WD-40®) into the hub. You can just remove the tension knob for easy access to the correct area, add a little silicone, […]

My Pedlar® has a broken pedal or tension knob. Can it be repaired?

We have designed the Pedlar® to give years of trouble-free use. In order to extend the life of your Pedlar®, we do offer several replacement parts for your Pedlar® Light Workout Exerciser should they eventually wear out or become damaged. Please click here to Contact our repair department to request information regarding replacement parts for […]

When I pedal fast, or for a long time, I notice that the hub gets really hot – why is that?

This is normal and is caused by the resistance setting. The resistance is actually creating friction between the hub and the axle of the Pedlar®, which builds up heat that is trapped inside the hub. We recommend that you be sure no one touches the hub until it has had time to cool adequately after […]

Will I need any tools to use my Pedlar®?

No tools or assembly are needed – Your Pedlar® arrives ready to use, right from the box. If the tension knob happens to have come unscrewed during shipping, all you will need to do is screw it back in place with your hand – no tools required. When you want more or less resistance during […]

Thermophore Questions

Can I use a Thermophore® with my pacemaker?

This is the type of question that we would refer to your physician. Make sure he or she knows your medical condition and can evaluate the situation, or will help you contact the manufacturer of your pacemaker to discuss the question with them.

Can I use the Thermophore® over my clothing?

We recommend using the Thermophore® directly on the skin, if possible, so that the moist heat can penetrate most effectively and deeply into the tissue. Using it over pajamas or a shirt will also work if that is more convenient for you. Metal buttons, clips or buckles on clothing under the Thermophore® may become quite […]

How can I be sure my Thermophore® is producing moisture?

After placing the hot pack unit inside the cover, plug the unit in and lay it out flat on a glass or Formica table or counter top. Either hold the switch down (if you are using the Thermophore Classic™), or slide the switch to the heat level you prefer (if you are using the MaxHEAT™ […]

How often can treatments be applied?

Beneficial results continue for several hours after each treatment. If needed, the Thermophore® Pack can be applied two or three times daily. Maximum results are usually obtained within thirty minutes, and treatments should not last longer unless prescribed by your physician.

How should I wash the outer fleece cover for my Thermophore®?

If your Thermophore® is an older unit (purchased prior to 2005) the cover is 100% cotton. It should be washed in cold water and allowed to air dry, in order to avoid shrinking. If you have purchased a new Thermophore®, the cover is a cotton/poly blend which can be washed on cold and dried on […]

I smell something when I use my Thermophore®. What is it that I’m smelling?

The fabric and electrical components of the Thermophore® sometimes give off a bit of an odor, especially the first few times they are heated. This is normal.

Is it necessary to add moisture to the Thermophore® Pack?

No, you don’t have to add any water to our covers. The special Moist-Sure™ fleece cover absorbs moisture from the atmosphere to generate a light layer of moisture on your skin. You don’t need to be dripping wet for effective moist heat therapy – just a light layer of water vapor is all you need, […]

My Thermophore® isn’t working. Can it be repaired?

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to repair Thermophore units, because of a variety of regulatory, quality and liability concerns. We do not recommend trying to repair or replace any components yourself, as it may cause a safety hazard. As an indication of our confidence in our products, we have extended our warranty coverage to […]

Should I use the heat therapy of a Thermophore® or the cold therapy of Ice It!® to treat my arthritis pain?

Most professionals have concluded that personal preference may ultimately be the most important aspect that determines which type of therapy will work best for a particular patient – which makes very good sense. If you don’t like cold therapy, you won’t be as likely to continue using it regularly. If moist heat therapy is difficult […]

What is Deep-Heat™ Therapy?

Only Thermophore® brand heat packs provide true Deep-Heat™ Therapy, by combining three key components: A quick rush of intense heat, to relax muscle spasms, relieve pain and increase circulation to speed your body’s natural healing action. Moisture, to significantly enhance the penetrating power of heat and your body’s reaction to heat therapy Self-contouring materials that […]

What types of problems respond well to moist heat therapy?

Moist heat therapy has long been the preferred treatment for many types of acute (short-term) or long-lasting, chronic pain. Headache, including sinus pain or migraine can be relieved or minimized with the application of heat to the face or back of the neck. The lingering after-effects of sports injuries, surgeries, broken bones or auto accidents […]

Where does the moisture come from?

Each Thermophore® unit has a specially-woven Moist-Sure™ fleece cover. Between uses, this cover traps moisture from the atmosphere in the air spaces between the textile strands. Although the fabric does not feel wet, the application of quick, intense heat will generate this moisture into water vapor to increase the benefit of heat therapy. When activated, […]

Why do the instructions say “Do not sit or lie on your Thermophore®?

The warning not to sit or lie on top of your heating pad is required by required by UL Standards for heating pads, the guidelines used by the industry for testing and approval. It must be included on any heating pad that is currently tested and approved for sale in the US by UL, ETL, […]

Why does the Thermophore Classic™ have a special, spring-loaded switch?

The Thermophore® pack treatment is so soothing and relaxing that users often doze off as their pain and tension eases. If the user does fall asleep while using the original Thermophore® Moist Heat Pack™, their hand will relax, automatically turning the unit off. No other product has a safety switch quite like the Thermophore® Moist […]

Why doesn’t the Thermophore® Pack have a switch with lower heat settings?

The first thing many users notice is that our units do not have the typical “low/medium/high” temperature settings. The Thermophore® is so effective because it gets much hotter, and heats much more quickly, than ordinary heating pads; it would not provide such effective moist heat therapy at significantly lower temperatures. To be most effective, moist […]

Why is moist heat more effective than dry heat (or no heat at all) in relieving pain?

It has been proven that water is a more effective conductor of heat than air – in fact, moist heat has been shown to penetrate 27 times better than dry heat! In addition, body tissues are able to tolerate moist heat at a higher temperature than dry heat. As this intense heat penetrates painful body […]

Why is the Thermophore® Pack so much heavier than ordinary heating pads?

To relieve aches and pains, it is necessary for the heat to effectively transfer deeply into body tissues. To make the Thermophore® pack more efficient, we have positioned weights to cause the Thermophore® pack to conform to body contours. This reduces air spaces between the Thermophore® hot pack and body, so more heat is transmitted […]

Why is Thermophore® better than other types of pain relievers?

Especially in light of the recent concerns over many arthritis medications, consumers are looking for pain relief methods with no drug side-effects, and there are certainly many available at lower prices. However, none perform like the Thermophore® pack, and you could spend hundreds of dollars on ineffective products and medical expenses while you struggle to […]

Why might a doctor or physical therapist tell me to use both hot and cold therapy for pain?

Medical professionals have learned that many problems can respond well to either hot or cold therapy, and their experience has been that one or the other may work better under certain conditions. Often, it is most effective to alternate hot and cold therapy to stimulate circulation, relieve pain and relax muscle spasm. Your doctor or […]

Why not just buy an ordinary heating pad, instead of a Thermophore® unit?

An ordinary heating pad is not hot enough to provide the same level of comfort and pain relief as the Thermophore®. Thermophore® Heat Packs are hot fomentation products and are viewed as a medical device by medical professionals. An ordinary heating pad will keep you warm and help you begin to relax, but it will […]