Our Company

Battle Creek has long been known as the “Health City”, and Battle Creek Equipment Company has remained true to this heritage. A small, family-owned company in an industry dominated by large conglomerates, we operate from offices we built in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1958 and the Fremont, Indiana factory we built in 1986. Our loyal employees, many of whom have been with us for nearly twenty years (or even more), all have that “Midwestern work ethic.” These small-town moms and dads understand what it takes to compete in today’s world with cheaper foreign-made competition. They know that we have to work harder and make a better quality product; so they take great pride in making sure that we do!

We continue to focus on providing the products of the highest possible quality, and making sure they provide a truly meaningful improvement in the lives of the people who use them. The basic concept of our Thermophore® Heat Pack™ is nearly 85 years old. Of course, we’ve made any number of improvements over the years. We chuckle when we hear stories of people who argue over custody of the Thermophore® in their divorce, or pass it down among the other family treasures in their Will, but we know that there is a lot of truth in these stories.

Our goal is to provide products which enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself by increasing circulation, relaxing muscle spasms and relieving pain to allow for rejuvenating rest. We work to provide products so durable and effective that doctors and therapists depend on them for use in their daily medical practice, but that are also suitable for home use by anyone who just wants to help themselves feel better without using more medications.

Users often tell us they wouldn’t trade their Thermophore® for all the pain medications on the market, and are desperate to find a genuine replacement when they wear one out – because nothing else will do! We hear, “The cheap Asian knock-offs, or those regular heating pads – they just don’t hold a candle to a real Thermophore® when it comes to providing relief!” We love to hear that our products bring so much comfort and pain relief, and it helps to re-enforce our dedication to: Enhancing Comfort – Enhancing Treatment – Enhancing Lives™!

Our Factory At Work!