Our Customers Say

At Battle Creek Equipment we are very proud of the products that bear our name and that of our subsidiary Thermophore.com. We take great pleasure in receiving comments about the products that we manufacture and sell. Below are some of the stories we have received from people that are pleased with both our products and the therapeutic comfort they provide. Why not share your comments as well?

I was hit by a speeding car in 1982. During my lengthy rehab I used a Thermophore daily. 34 years later it finally conked out. This one appears to be just as good as my old stand-by. It’s a great invention: wet heat in an instant! Don’t know why more people are not aware of this terrific device. Highly recommended–AND the PRICE is VERY REASONABLE

I have used your moist heating pad for my back for many years and have bought a couple for friends . They really help and you can not buy one in the store that works like this moist heat does. I just bought one for my daughter.
Marlene W.

I’m used to taking care of my own yard work around our house but, with getting older I have to admit my body lets me know it’s getting harder to do everything that needs to get done. I found that by applying a Thermophore Large Moist Heating pack my soreness and muscle strains seem to fade away. I’m happy that I have a product like my Thermophore at hand to give me the relief I need when my chores are done.
Will T. Pa.

I have used Thermophore moist heat pad for years and find that I get so much relief from arthritis pain from the use of the pad. I also have given the pad to family members as gift and they think they are great for joint pain no matter the cause.
We continue to use them year after year.
Ben R.

My old Thermophore Heating Pad just died and I could not do without another one like I had. Anyone who needs or uses a heating pad must go with Thermophore. GREAT PRODUCTS!
Perry S.

I constantly struggle with trying to stay warm in bed at night. A friend told me about the Thermophore Bed Warmers and I purchased one. I can not tell you how much of a difference this has made for me. Now I look forward to a bed that is comfortably warm each and every night. Thank you Thermophore!
Ellen M, New Jersey

The recent purchase of the heating pad is a replacement for the same model that I have owned and used for decades. The new one is lighter in weight, has an improved on/off switch but is just as strong and effective as the original. If there is a better one somewhere, I did not find it. GOOD PRODUCT AND GOOD RETAILER

I personally have had one of these very large heating (Moist and Dry) pads with the “Manual” button, that you had to hold down, for 19 years! It still functions perfectly! I just bought another one for my dad who will be 93 years old this February. He struggles with arthritis in his shoulders and we gave it to him early for his Christmas present. He loves it, too! It’s a wonderful product and still made in the Good Old USA and Battle Creek Products are wonderful! I would recommend them to anyone! I have even used this particular model in physical therapy! Get one soon!! It’s even nice to have in bed in the cold nights, and the manual hold down button is a great safety help!

We have had our Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack for countless years now and it is still going strong. We were given a newer, different manufacturer pack that quit without the amount of use that we have given our faithful and reliable Thermophore.
Great product.